What is neck pain?

Neck pain is a very common issue which affects almost 70% of people at some point in their lives. The neck consists of vertebrae that extend all the way from the skull to the upper torso. Cervical discs absorb the shock between the bones which, together with surrounding ligaments and muscles in the neck, support the head and allow it to move.

There are a number of different reasons behind neck pain, ranging from posture to whiplash. Most often, it is caused by repetitive strain from long sitting postures. In 85% of cases, neck pain is completely mechanical which means that it is coming from either the joints, ligaments or the muscles in the neck. Only in rare occasions is the pain caused by serious medical conditions and these can be ruled out by a thorough examination.

Most often, neck pain is not a critical condition and can be relieved in matter of days. If you experience pain for more than a week or the pain is severe, you should contact your doctor immediately.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain is caused by an increased pressure and strain on the muscles and soft tissues that support the neck and the spine. Some types of physical activity and poor posture can build up the pressure in the neck which can result in neck pain. On other occasions, pain can be caused by injury, disc issues and diseases that affect the spine. Neck pain often spreads to the back and shoulders and can cause headaches. Necks can also be prone to stiffness which can make turning your head difficult and painful.

Facts & Figures

  • According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1.8 million Australians – which is 10% of the population – suffers from neck and back pain.
  • As high as 70% of the population in Australia will have neck pain at some point in their lives according to a study conducted in 2012. The study found that chiropractic treatment is more effective than medication in the long term. Additionally, the same study found that home exercises based on chiropractic advices could deliver significantly better results than prescription medication.
  • Consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports has conducted a study in 2011 in which they surveyed 45,000 people. They found out that 65% of patients who used chiropractic services for neck and back pain have stated that it had significantly helped them. This result outranked all other treatment methods.

How can we help you with your neck pain?

At Your Health Sport & Spine in the Hills District, we will take your medical history and perform an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms in order to determine the root cause of your neck problem. We will also evaluate the condition of your neck with exercises and stretching techniques to identify what specific motions trigger the pain.

Once the root cause has been identified, we will develop a tailor-made treatment process in order to deal with your neck pain. This treatment process may include the following procedures:

  • Stretching and similar exercises that will reduce inflammation and improve overall range of motion
  • Deep massage of the neck and shoulder area aimed to improve circulation and stimulate the healing process
  • Hot and cold therapy aimed to further improve circulation and remove stiffness
  • Chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques to reduce issues behind neck pain such as impingements.

For more information on how a chiropractor or physiotherapist may be able to help with your neck pain, please contact us or get in touch by calling 02 9651 1395