What is chronic back pain?

Chronic Back Pain (cLBP) is poorly understood and is multifactorial in nature. Genetic, psychological, social and anatomical factors are involved in chronic lower back pain. It can present itself as nerve pain or joint referral show symptoms of deep, stabbing, throbbing or aching pain.It has a variety of causes including many physical and psychological backgrounds.

Irritation of the nerve root can cause pain patterns in the arms or legs called radicular pain. Long term irritation of the nerves can be associated with an abnormality in the central or peripheral nervous system and can produce burning or tingling at irregular times

Who does it affect?

Chronic back pain affects 19.6% of adults aged from 20-59 and 25.4% of adults aged over 60 and affects 50% more women than men. Other risk factors for cLBP are smoking and being overweight.

What’s the science say the outcome is?

In terms of outcome, if you have cLBP the evidence would suggest that 12 months down the track you are likely to still experience some mild to moderate levels of discomfort still. 47% of people at the 12 month mark with cLBP are likely to be pain free.

How do we help it?

For chronic back pain and other chronic conditions a cure is not always possible. However for the most part we can assist you in taking control of your condition so it no longer has any significant impact on your quality of life.

The best approach by far with cLBP is what we call a multidisciplinary approach. What this means is that we in collaboration with your GP for a healthcare team to target your chronic pain from multiple angles. If we need to think diet, we can chat to a dietician, for any chiro or physio needs we can handle that. If we need to develop better mental strategies to help manage the pain we can bring in a psychologist. If we are still having challenges we can recommend you to other state and national services that help with chronic pain.

At the end of the day Your Health Sport & Spine is here for you. Your health is our number one priority and our goal is to put you back in the drivers seat so you can gain control health and life.

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